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The Broken Healthcare System in India And How EHealth Plans to Fix It

While healthcare should be a fundamental privilege for everyone, a large part of Indian population is still struggling to avail this privilege. Despite running down a promising growth-path, India is still far from being able to provide its citizens a proper medical framework. A significant part of the population today does not have access to standard healthcare facilities, and if we consider rural population alone, the situation is even more serious.

What are the responsible factors behind this?

Let us look at a few major ones below.

Firstly, it is the involved high cost of diagnostics and treatment. Lack of adequate and satisfactory health coverages and absence of third-party finance make it challenging for the patients to avail effective treatments. Patients are more than often compelled to pay for their treatments from their own pockets. Their only payment option, self-financing, consumes a major part of their incomes and savings and when even that is not sufficient, they have to depend on loans and selling their assets. Thus, healthcare needs lead many of them to poverty, and what is worse is several instances go untreated, blame it on financial constraints.

Despite high on cost, private hospitals remain the preferred choice for the patients even in tier 2 and 3 cities and rural areas, given the substandard healthcare infrastructure of the government hospitals. The dearth of adequate medical supervision is another area of sufferings for the patients. Government hospitals lack trained consultants and treatment facilities, and they are often running short of staff. Poorly trained or rather fresh doctors often end up prescribing incorrect treatments and medicines. The wrong diagnosis further adds to the woes of patients.

Government medical centres are still following the age-old procedures, thanks to infrastructural inadequacies. In addition to the lack of basic facilities, they are infamous for poor recordkeeping of their patients. Almost none of these hospitals is digitised and most of such tasks are handled manually, leaving a great scope of human errors. Poorly kept patient records often lead to wrong diagnosis and incorrect prescriptions.

How does EHealth card intend to address these issues?

Amid the existing challenges as mentioned above, EHealth card arrives as a trusted and dependable friend for the patients. It aims to simplify the healthcare procedures and minimise the associated physical and mental efforts of the patient.

This lifetime free health card involves numerous beneficial features such as:

  • Selecting hospitals
  • Scheduling appointments with doctors and for diagnostics
  • Maintaining the medical and billing details of the patients.

EHealth ID comes as a great news for the people with financial challenges, in particular. It facilitates health insurances to the users at easy annual premiums. Not only this, they can accumulate loyalty points from their purchases and use them to pay for insurance premiums. Moreover, various frequent deals offering a free consultation, free delivery of medicines, discounts on prescriptions further make life easier. It is indeed some great news, isn’t it?

Using it, the patients can find and select a nearby or preferred wellness centre and book appointment with their concerned doctors. It provides specialised treatment from trained doctors and regular monitoring on health progress of the patient by the medical staff. Now the patients do not have to incur the risk of having to be treated by an inexperienced doctor. It also takes away the possibility of wrong diagnosis and incorrect prescription, thus wrong treatment.

This exceptional digital gift also helps in maintaining medical records of the patient including family medical history, details on past symptoms, prescriptions and surgery notes, billing information and other reports. These crucial pieces of information help the doctors identify the symptoms and anomalies in the patient’s health and take an appropriate course of action accordingly. This ensures the best healthcare to the patient without the risk of unnecessary delay.

And these are only a few benefits of EHealth.

How can one get their EHealth card?

EHealth is a secured platform, but with an easy registration process. People only have to go to the website, complete their registration with a two-step OTP system and start availing benefits. Registration only requires basic personal information and Aadhar details. Yes, it’s that simple!

This advancement of medical technology looks to make good health within the access of everyone across all socioeconomic layers. It attempts to address the long prevailing misses and concerns in the medical field and make hospital operations more streamlines and effective. With all its involved benefits, EHealth ID initiative is going to minimise the inconvenience of patients and  give the patient-doctor relationship a new definition, of course for the better.

It goes without saying that EHealth cards are here to revolutionise the healthcare sector in India and they are sure to turn India into a healthier country.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your EHealth card!

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