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How to Set up An eHealth Clinic Franchise

Healthcare facilities have always been an area of concern in rural or remote areas of the countries. The primary healthcare centers in those locations often fail to meet necessary healthcare standards. To avail better care, people often have to travel to nearby towns or cities which not only consumes time but also falls heavy on their pocket, especially considering most of them fall under the low-income category. Adding to their woes are lack of proper recordkeeping which may result in repetition of diagnosis and consultation, additional costs and sometimes inaccurate treatment. That is why it eHealth clinic is on the mission to ensure that the population residing in such locations has access to convenient, affordable and quality care.

What is eHealth clinic?

eHealth clinics are fully-fledged super specialty health centers providing a wide range of primary healthcare services at a single place. The services include doctor consultation, diagnostics, emergency care and pharmacy.

It is an innovative concept which, with multi-specialty service portfolio of eHealth, aims to attend to the healthcare needs of people. eHealth clinics work along with eHealth ID and provide free eHealth cards to all Indian citizens. eHealth clinics are established on the basis of card registrations and analysis reports.

What is eHealth clinic franchise and why is it helpful?

eHealth clinic franchise is a multi-faceted initiative by eHealth benefitting both patients and franchisors. Interested individuals with entrepreneurial skills and aspirations for a lucrative business can utilise this opportunity and thus assist eHealth in meeting its objective of health-to-all by establishing the presence of standard and affordable healthcare centers in all parts of the country so as to make standard care available to everyone.

Most importantly, with this initiative, good health is accessible to everyone now irrespective of his or her socioeconomic or geographical status. Patients will not have to travel distances to avail quality care since they will have all their healthcare needs addressed at one location. With these clinics, healthcare has just got closer to them.

The franchise model will help in laying the foundation for a unified healthcare framework where all the units of the entity will be connected with each other and the patients will receive the most precise, timely and cost-effective treatments.

Benefits to the eHealth clinic franchisers

eHealth clinics franchise is a great business proposition for individuals looking for lucrative business opportunities. The list of benefits it offers is long. Here are a few of them.

    • eHealth ID facilitates and runs the marketing and promotional activities of the franchise to increase walk-ins.
    • eHealth works with each franchise individually to design and formulate strategies that lead to enhanced ROIs on the franchise investment and operations.
    • The initial investment to own the franchise is not huge and the profits potential is quite promising.
    • These clinics provide an almost comprehensive healthcare package located in one place. This is evident enough to understand that the revenue for the franchise and hence profits increase significantly.


  • If someone who does not own an eHealth ID card and visits the clinic for a check-up, consultation or treatment, the franchise can ask him or her to sign-up for the card. This would be beneficial to both the parties.


And all of the above are only a few benefits. Franchise surely makes an attractive business opportunity.

How one can become an eHealth clinic franchise

In this entirely entrepreneurial and exciting framework, the prospective franchise only needs to ensure that certain conditions are fulfilled. These conditions are given as below.

  • The monetary investment required to set up a franchise is quite low. This initial investment is needed to establish the infrastructure and technology, and run the operations efficiently. The franchise can choose his or her preferred source of this capital i.e. whether it is their own money or equity raised from others etc..
  • Besides funds, the franchise needs to have a land or space to set up the facility and execute the business.
  • It does not require people to possess technical expertise from the healthcare field before they should apply for the franchise. They only need to have little experience and skillsets to manage the facility successfully. To understand the viability of franchise business, they will need to check whether they have the required skill set to run it.
  • Additionally, they will need to have land ownership and approval documents, firm registration documents, their Aadhar card and PAN Card.

As we see, the process, formalities and requirements associated with setting up an eHealth clinic franchise are not complex or difficult. As a franchise, you will hold bright business prospects and will be imparting your entrepreneurial contribution to this initiative of eHealth. Wouldn’t it be a great realisation for you as a franchisor that along with leveraging lucrative opportunities, you are also contributing to uplift the health standards for the citizens of our country? If you are interested, you can learn more about it here.

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